Monday, 28 May 2012

Decided to create another blog just with travel notes from our adventures in our class C motorhome dubbed the hippyhome. It was supposed to be a van originally but when we saw all we wanted to take plus our black lab/border collie child it morphed into a class C motorhome. This past weekend was our maiden voyage so to speak to make sure we know how all the stuff works, to see what we need and most of all to see how Cash the dog dealt with life in the rv. We booked into Bolton Creek in Kananaskis in the Cdn Rocky Mountains for Friday night and Saturday. The drive started out pretty normal watching ominous clouds off to my left. As we got closer to the Peter Lougheed park we got into some rain which turned to snow and also some low cloud. Well I thought, good thing we have a furnace and good thing I brought that Hudsons  Bay blanket as a backup.
Closer to the campground in the valley we ditched most of the snow etc. Ok so first back in with the rv and I managed ok. On line the site looked pretty level but on parking on it we were definitely pointing down a bit. This turned out to be good as I got to try out my levelling blocks. Got it plugged in, and was happy I had invested in a good extension cord or I would have been about 5 feet ( 3 and a bit metres) short of making it to the power post. Fired up the furnace and all was good. Oh they forgot to mention that the water at the sites was not turned on yet so I though no problem we will drink from my on board tank. Seems you need to run a lot of fresh water through the lines when de winterizing which I had not done so the water tasted like soap. Off I walked to the camp store. Did not know the shortcut so it took almost 30 min. I bought an 8 litre portable water jug, stopped at the shower house on my way back and filled up. That is when I found out the thing leaked.
Mastered putting the awning up and down no problems. All went well.

I was thinking today at work at just how relaxing it all was. No phones( had my cell by out of range), no tv, and no computers. Had to resort to talking to each other, reading books and going for walks, go figure. Seems to me before all the technology I did more of that.

The rv has been cleaned out floor washed, water tank drained somewhat topped up with more gas and now waits patiently in storage lot until our next adventure on June 15.