Sunday, 24 June 2012

Well time to update our travels and learning experiences with our rv. On the 15th of June we headed out from Calgary with the destination of Crandell campground in Waterton AB. This time I had a full tank of gas but had dumped most of my fresh water so I was not carrying additional unnecessary weight.. I had about 90km already on the tank from doing some running around but still on the full mark. By the time we were parked we were down to half a tank. Picked a spot in the trees as it can get quite windy down there. Nice site but unfortuneatly they deal them out when you come in so unless you are familiar with the campground you don`t know what the site is like until you get to it. In our case it was a nice site but I was unable to put the awning out do to a lodgepole pine right about half way down the length of the awning. This was our first trip doing dry camping as the campground is totally unserviced sites. There are modern(flush toilets) but no showers which was good as my wife and our friend got to try out the rv one so we know it works. Yes they showerd separately.I learned a new lesson though and that is if two or more are going to shower and you are washing dishes, hands and flushing toilets , even for only two nights then it is a good idea to fill the fresh tank 100% not 75%. We were down to about 9% water as we pulled out of the site. Heading to the dump station where I got to try out my new 20foot sewer hose which works much better than stretching the small one that came with the rv.
After checking out we headed to Red Rock Canyon another 7km down a twisty and narrow road with no issues until we headed back out to the main highway. I encountered lots of rigs ours size or larger and most were very courteous in moving over a bit. But as always there was one who did not slow down and his mirrors were out as far as mine . I thought we would hit so I moved over more and that is when we heard the bang. My wife was watching in her mirro and told me I had clipped the guard rail. I got out and saw no damage. It was not until I got home that I noticed I notched the fibreglass wheel flairings.  A few inches higher and i would have ripped off my new awning. From then on when people approached I get my window down and just pulled in my mirror.
Coming north on the number 2 near Stavely the wind was howling and gusting across the highway. I was definitely aware of the push but it was not as bad as I thought and I think that is because we are only 25 feet and sitting on a very stable E450 frame.
I decided to make for the north end of Calgary on my half tank so I could see how far I could go. Got home and was between 1/4 and empty.  I found out the next day when it took about 189 litres that it means I only have about 20litres left. Even with the wind I did do better on mileage this time coming in at approx 10.2 miles per gallon or approx 27litres/100km.
Well the big trip comes up next week . We will be on the road for about 6-7 weeks and the first stop will be Medicine Hat. I will post as we go along on this great Hippyhome Adventure

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