Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Well the Great Hippyhome Adventure started today. We departed Calgary approx 1:35pm and putted down the highway with the cruise set for 90km . We arrived at Gas City Campground at 6pm. Really nice to have your own washroom aboard. No need to cross your legs in pain when you can pull over walk to the back and relieve yourself.
We encountered very strong winds leaving Calgary on Stoney Trail on the east side of the city. Had to hold on especially when going under an overpass.
They now have built a really big roadside turnout between Gleichen and Bassano. A bit of a marsh there where we saw some yellow headed black birds.
The Gas City Campground sits up on a hill in Medicine Hats sw. Nicely surrounded by trees to break the wind. The South Saskatchewan River is to the north of us and down a steep embankment and it running very high.
Right beside the campround is a bike bath that we followed for at least an hour and it seemed to go on forever. Along the way we saw flowering cactus. We have water hookup and 30amp power so I was able to check to see if the A/C works since we have not tried it out yet and yeah it does so if we get into the heat in Ontario and can find 30amp we are good to go.
We have use of the microwave as well tonight so one of my home made burgers and a Kokanee went down well.
It is now 9:35pm and Cash is crashed beside me on his bed and Anne has found a way to yoga, legs up the wardrobe.
We will hit the road early tomorrow as we have a long stretch to Val Marie Saskatcheway and our 3 day stay at Grasslands National Park.
One thing before I go , it seems strange to be surrounded by trees but not lodgepole pine.
Good night

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