Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Well it is time to update our adventures. We have been out of internet service pretty much since we left Medicine Hat. Also I have not had much success with posting via my Rogers phone. We are currently at a KOA just west of Winnipeg and I am on their wi fi so will take this opportunity to let you know what we have been up to. After the Ha we headed down to Val Marie in South Saskatchewan to stay at a place called The Crossing which is literally right on the border of the park. An retired couple bough the property about 12 years ago and have been developing it as a resort since then. They have a few rv spots and tent spots plus about 3 suites that an be rented. We had one of two sites that had electrical so we could use the microwave and our Fantastic Fan but since it was only 20amp we could not run the a\c. That was too bad as it was about 28C both days we were there. First let me say anything that you have heard about the roads in S Saskatchewan is true. More like an ox cart route. We went down through Shaunovan and let me tell you past there the road was literally chewed up. Had to be very careful and go slow as to not damage the rv. We turned east at Climax Sask. Can not figure why they called it that.
To get to the one hike called 70mile butte we had to go down a very washboardy , gravel narrow road for 5km. Luckily there are not many people down that way. If I had met someone we would have had trouble passing by each other. The hike itself was interesting , kinda like Drumheller extreme. We started the hike about 9:30am as we did not want to have Cash in the heat. Well by 10am my thermometer attached to my backpack was reading 26C. So much for that. The views from the top were amazing and we saw all kind of Prickly Pair in bloom. Cash only managed to get one cactus spear in the top of his paw and we did not see that until we got back to the rv. We were also on the watch for rattle snakes but saw none. The next day we did a hike on the other side of the resort but honestly it was like extreme Nose Hill. I did get a good pix though  of a night hawk.
From Grasslands we headed to a friend of Anne`s in Moose Jaw and camped out in her driveway.
 That night we got to experience our first severe thunder storm in the rv. First crack of thunder had Cash barking. I went on for about 2-3 hours and he was shivering and hiding in a corner. We had monsoon like rains and all seemed well until we went to bed and my side of the mattress by the window was wet. No I did not pee the bed. We learn as we go. I found that I had not locked the window tight and also it is our emergency window and when making the bed I must have nicked the catch as it was also not tight. Lesson learnt.
Monday we headed to Spruce Woods Provincial Park which is about 30km south of the Trans Canada and below Carberry Manitoba. We thought we had left all the crap roads in Saskatchewan well this height 37 was nuts. It was paved and looked smooth but it was like driving on a washboard. The speed limit was 90 and I had to take it down to 40km/hr or have the rv shaken to bits.
The two days there the temp was around 32C . Luckily we had a 30amp plug so could use the a/c. The main part of their campground was washed out in a flood of the Assinaboine river in 2011 so we were actually in group camping area which was ok. We had a double spot so the first night we had retired people from Cape Breton travelling in a Pleasureway van and heading back from a Vancouver and the next night retired couple in a fifth wheel travelling back from Alberta to Ottawa after being on the road for 6 weeks. Both were very interesting and doing the same kind of stuff as us.
Well that brings us to now , at a KOA campsite just west of Winnipeg. Stopped in Portage La Prairie for groceries and at this campground for laundry. A short day but you need those. Tomorrow on to Ontario and by the weekend we should be in Thunder Bay unless something else calls us. Until I am on the net again, namaste

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