Thursday, 26 July 2012

So jumping ahead to the 26th and we are just outside of Forest Ontario at Anne`s cousins. Coming across from London on Tuesday was quite the ride. I must have had about a 60km crosswind t boning me all the way. Narrow bumpy highway and cross wind together make it a stressful ride, but we captain Richie Rich at the wheel we made it here safe and sound . Having a great visit with Eric and Audrey and Scoobie the beagle. Cash gets to run free in there big fenced yard which is good. Walked down the road the first night and watched a gorgeous sunset on Lake Huron.
Last night we had to pleasure of dinning with Anne`s friend Joanne and her husband Bill who have a farm. They grow corn, onions and potatoes so last night we had potatoes and corn fresh from the field so to speak. Bill took us in their truck on a tour of their fields. Because of a lack of rain as in about a month things are drying up.
Before we headed back last night we prayed for rain. Guess we better be more specific. We were treated to a severe thunderstorm last night that actually rocked our 12000lb rv. That was a bit unsettling but we survived and they did get about 30-50mm of rain.
Unfortuneatley we did get some water in again on my side window. I checked today and the only thing I can see is it has a weep well in the window sill that is supposed to drain water out and I suspect it was not clean. I took some pix hanging wire today and ran it inside and hopefully that will be it. If not I will have to get it checked on our return.
Heading back to London tomorrow to pick up Anne`s dad and take him up to her sisters cottage on the Bruce Peninsula and they on Tuesday if we can get on we will take the ferry to Manitoulan Island and then start our journey back west.
Yesterday marked 1 month on the road and we are still both enjoying it as well as Cash. This Saturday we will celebrate our 28th anniversary on the 28th.
That is it for now . Best wishes to you all.

Richie Rich

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