Saturday, 14 July 2012

Here we are two days later and a couple hundred clicks down the highway at Batchawana Provincial Park. Not a bad park but we back right on to the highway so a tad noisy. I just saw the people drive by that were our neighbours at Neys the other night so will have to go find them later.
On that note we had met some people in Spruce Woods Prov Park in Manitoba a week or so back .They had also purchased a ex rental from Canadream and were heading to Calgary. Well yesterday about an hour west of here we pulled off at a lookout stop and ended up behind another class c from Canadream. When they got out it was the people we had met in Manitoba. They had already been to Bow Valley Campground outside of Canmore and were heading back home to Leamington so they basically lapped us. Driving hard and burning gas.
About 9:30am we went for a hike on a nature trail in the park. Took us almost an hour to do it and with the humidity we felt like we had done a 3 hr hike in the mountains.
Had trouble putting water in my tank again today. Must get an airlock in the breathing tube. Turned the pressure up to high and must have blown whatever lock out of it and was able to get it filled so we could use our shower. Used the campground ones last night. They are ok but definetly like our own better.
They have a part of the beach here for dogs to go in and Cash has been enjoying the waves. They even have a sign showing dog beach with an icon of a dog paddling away.
This afternoon Anne and I walked part of the beach and it reminded me of the Dominican. I actually went for a dip in Lake Superior today. I think that is a first for me. It is known to be cold because of its depth but with global warming the water was actually not bad. Quite refressing.
Time to throw on a shirt and hop on the bike for a spin , see if I can find our friends froom the other night.


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