Sunday, 8 July 2012

Time marches on. Funny when you don`t have a regular job how the days blend into each other and you end up asking each other what day it is. My trusty watch tells me that it is Sunday July 8. We have now been on the road 12 days. I thought 10 but Anne just checked her journal and it is day 12. We are now at a friends in Thunder Bay. Their property is on Lake Superior and nestled in the trees so it is very pleasant. I can not remember when I updated last since we have been in and out of internet reception over the 12 days.
After Spruce Woods Prov Park we headed to Winnipeg and spent the night at a KOA. From their we had a short day of driving to Rushing River Provincial Park south of Kenora Ontario. I must say the highways in Ontario are in perfect shape. I wish I could say the same of their tourist centres. When we got to the Ontario border the centre was "closed for the season" aka government cutbacks. What a disgrace to Ontario. People have gotten the gate open and are using the picnic tables anyway with garbage overflowing the bins and litterly scattered all over the patio and people were still sitting amongst all the crap having lunch. "Welcome to Ontario" NOT
We found out that they had also closed the one in Kenora and Fort Frances as well.
Rushing River campground is quite nice but the site we were on was very unlevel front to back and sideways so took some manipulating to get the rv positioned so we did not feel like we were on a ship in a storm.
We were going to stay another day but the rain came so decided to make the 500+km run to Thunder Bay. Anne was able to book a site at the KOA in Thunder Bay on our laptop. So we drove in the rain. The nice thing about a class C rv is that you can pull over turn on the propane have a nice lunch , boil water for tea take a leak and then pull back on to the highway. We drove the highway between Fort Frances and TBay for kms without meeting another vehicle. Rocks. lakes and tress and beautiful pavement.
After a night at the KOA we came to our friends Robb and Val`s place . They have an acreage in the trees on Lake Superior. Saw my one aunt yesterday and hope to see the other tomorrow. Then we will head to Sleeping Giant Prov Park where one of our goals is to hike to the top of the giant.From there we will head down the north shore of Superior.
Until we have interenet again, stay well.

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