Thursday, 12 July 2012

It is now July 12th and as I type this I am looking out our front window at Lake Superior from Neys Provincial Park which is just west of Marathon Ontario. It has occured to me that the reason some of you can not see my posts because I have to link it to Facebook each time I do one.
This is a beautiful area huge beach and one of those spots you could just stay for a few more days. We spent the last two days at Lake Marie Louise campground in Sleeping Giant Prov Park which is another place we could have just stayed, but we have to keep in mind that we do have a long way to go yet and just as far to get back home.
Cash was having a blast going after sticks in the lake especially after he figures out the waves which were a pretty could size. He mostly got shoved back to shore. Washed all the dirt off him anyway as when he is outside he prefers the earth over our nice matt.
We only did about 264km today but I find the highway here with all the big hills and rock cuts and trucks takes a lot of my concentration so decided to get off the road around 2:30pm. We had been told by a few other campers we have met along the way that it is a pretty spot so that sealed the deal.
Tomorrow we will shoot for Lake Superior Park. Not sure what we will run into in the way of weekend traffic in the parks. Here at Neys they had 100 open when we arrived this afternoon but he said on weekends it fills up.
We will see where we end up. For tonight I am going to enjoy the view.

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