Monday, 16 July 2012

Here I am again. Monday July 16. On Wed of this week we will have been on the road for 3 weeks. Funny how time flies when you have no deadlines. We are currently at Carols Campground just outside Sudbury. Ok site for a night but it is very noisy as the highway goes by close. Just chatted with a guy who is fully retired and travelling from Virginia to the west coast and then up the Alaskan panhandle. I see now we have a trailer pulling in from Quebec beside us. Having some issues backing his small fifth wheel in. Makes me happy I am driving a single unit that goes the same direction when I turn the wheel. This is not a difficult site to get into but he is about to take out the picnic table. Getting out of his truck to look. probably a good idea. Makes me feel like a pro.
Anyway let me tell you about yesterday.  I did find our friends the other night that we had met at Neys. They pulled into Pancake Bay later. They had a rough day . One of those bad rv days. They are pulling a small trailer so not inside on the road obviously. When they stopped and opened it up a cubboard had broken I guess on some rough roads and dishes and glasses came flying out and smashed all over the floor. One of their dogs also had been bitten by a tic. So they were having a drink, having dinner and heading to bed. We did see them the next morning though and were able to exchange email addresses.
From there we left and did a really short day to Sault Ste Marie so we could get groceries etc so stayed at the KOA. What a nice siter that was. Kamp K9  an off leash area for dogs and a dog walk. They also had a nice pool and Anne and I had refreshing swim.
People were leaving really early though like 5am and Cash was barking at that so we were up early.
We arrived here around 2:30pm . Tomorrow we push for Bracebridge and cousin Jane. Well time to end this and go in.This Frenchman has been trying to put is trailer into a wide open site for 20 min and can not  do it. I can not bear to watch any longer. His wheels are also locking up on him and his is dragging gravel.
Ciao for now

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