Wednesday, 18 July 2012

As of today we have been on the road for 3 weeks. Now at my cousin`s cottage on Lake Muskoka for a few days. 3nights to be exact. Anne `s grandmother used to say  company is like fish after 3 days it starts to stink so that is our rule of thumb.
Did some calculations this morning and figured out that we have done approx 3050 km so far. Totalled up our gas and campground fees and at this point it works out to approx $82/day. Not as bad as people think with an rv. We would spend more than that at a Super 8 motel for the night plus restaurants. We did not figure in our groceries as we would have been spending the same money for groceries if we were at home.We have gone out a couple of times for dinner but nothing expensive.
We spent the night before at Carols campground just 4km south of Sudbury . I think I mentioned this in my last post.  It was a place to stay but a lot of permanent campers and a lot of clutter. Shed upon shed etc.
Anne is currently giving cousin Jane a restorative yoga class. Trade off for no camping fees to park on her property. Good deal.
Cash has been for about a 40 min walk with me but the humidity kills him so he is crashed out on the floor.
We hope to see my 97 yr old aunt this afternoon or evening if she is having an ok day.
I will update again  before we head south. Not sure if that will be to Cannington or straight to London. We hope to see those we wish to see and get out of the heat to linger a bit more on the way home along the north shore of Superior and nw Ontario

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