Sunday, 22 July 2012

I`m melting, I`m melting. I write to you tonight from Fanshawe Conservation Area campground in London Ontario. The sun is down and my outside thermometer is reading 28.8 and the inside one is reading 30C. I would turn on the a/c but we have a little glitch with the power converter that I have a 2pm appointment tomorrow to get fixed. Anne is spending the night with her dad in his air conditioned retirement home and Cash and I are sweating our testicles off, ok I am he does not have any.
We had a beautiful 4.5 days with cousin Jane at her cottage on Lake Muskoka where it was about 28 in the daytime and 10 at night. We actually had to put the furnace on in the morning. Boy do I long for that now. Got to see my Aunt Rene (97yrs young) and my cousin Lee and her husband as well whom I had not seen since about 1994.
from there we drove to Cannington yesterday and spent the night with old friends from Calgary that now live there.
Today we did the drive from there to London. Must say the 407 was not bad but when it blended in with the 401 west of Toronto I could do without that . A lot of traffic and major semi traffic plus a cross wind. I was glad to get to the site and then over to Anne`s dads.
We are now on the second part of the journey that in about a week will head us back west.
Will be in London until Wednesday then head west to visit cousin Eric in Forest on Lake Huron. Then back to London to pick up Anne`s dad and take him up to her sisters cottage on the Bruce Peninsula. From there not sure if we are returning him or catching the ferry to Manitoulin Island. Well time to see if I can cool off and hit the sack. Until we talk again.
Namaste and hope everyone is well.


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