Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Good  morning, afternoon or evening, or whenever you read this. I forgot to mention in my last blog how great the trip on the ferry from Vancouver to Swartz Bay was. This time we left Cash in the rv so we could roam the ship. What a nice boat. It was a very calm crossing and sunny. I always enjoy the part where you are just coming into the inlet from the ocean and see all the nice houses and sailboats etc.
We headed out of the KOA around 10a.m. yesterday. What a deadly left turn that is coming out of there. We waited until that time to make sure the traffic had died down a bit. Headed north and stopped in Duncan for a  break  and to take some pictures of all the totem poles in town. From there we went up the highway till we got to Ladysmith, found a community park by the ocean and had lunch. Unfortunately there were signs in the nice part of the park that said no dogs so I took Cash for a walk on the other side where the grass was crisp and dry from no rain. It was about 28C there when we stopped.
We then headed north and bypassed Naniamo then got ourselves on the Island Highway that runs along the shore line. It was quite slow and because of shrubbery or high fences you often could not see the water anyway so on the way back we will take the inland highway. We stopped at a little park for a walk and the trees were just huge and covered in moss.
Got gas in Courtney at a  Husky for 1.34. Still do not understand why Vancouver is $1.51 , you would think it would be higher on an island.
Arrived at Miracle Beach Provincial Park around 5pm and got set up. Tons of kids here riding bikes all over the place. Took a walk down to the beach area where a small cruise ship was passing by. I did not think to take a camera or a phone so missed some nice photo opts.
Spaggetti and Copper Moon Rose for me with of course a salad. I felt really wiped from the drive so decided to chill in the lounge chair while Anne went exploring on her bike.
This morning Cash and I did a big walk in a light rain, the first rain we have experienced since Grand Forks, BC on the Crowsnest Highway.
By the way when I  had filled up gas yesterday at half a tank the previous fill up was Hope BC. Not bad. Partially because I don`t travel over 90KM and a lot of the speed limits were only 90 and most and some 70-80. For those non believing rv`ers taking it slower certainly makes a difference on your fuel tank.
Anne is off with her hiking poles on a morning adventure and Cash and I are "watching the house" ( which is what we tell him to do when we leave him, just like at home). Since we are at a non service site and I do not have an adaptor to charge this from the cab I will sign off for a few days.
Our next stop will be the Heriot Bay Inn and RV park on Quadra Island on Friday where some people we met last year camping on Lake Superior live. We have been in touch and hope to see them while we are there
Ciao for now

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