Thursday, 11 July 2013

Well it is now Thursday , July 11 and we are on our last  night at NM`KIP RV park in Osoyoos. From Creston we went up the east side of Kooteny Lake up to Crawford Bay and Kokanee Springs Chalets and RV campground. The last time we were here was in 1986 in my Reliant K Car wagon supplied by Nestle and we stayed in one of the A frame chalets.
I took Cash for a walk one day down part of the grass landing strip they have there. Not till you walk a good part of it do you realize just how long it is. There is a 79 Cessna tethered there and a Pipe Cherokee similar to what I got my licence on .
We were just here one night. Loved the smell of the cedars but the mosquitos were plenty so I was just as happy to leave.
The next day Cash had his second ferry boat ride, the first being last year to Manitoulin Island. This one goes from Kootenay Bay to Balfour and is about 40 min long. It is also the longest free ferry ride available.
From there we travelled down the west side of the lake, through Nelson and eventually arriving at the Riviera RV park just off the highway in Grand Forks, BC. Just off the highway no kidding, like about 30 metres. The place was clean enough but very noisy that close to the highway with all the big rigs going by and the locals in their noisy pickups. Headed out fairly early the next day and by late afternoon we were in Osoyoos where they had a record hot day. I believe it got up to 34C. It was good to have 30amp service and be able to run the A/C.
The campsite is huge but they are definitely making their bucks here as they pack you in fairly close to each other.
We have been in the lake twice once yesterday and then again this afternoon. They say it is the warmest lake in the Okanogan. Maybe in August but it sure is not that warm right now but when it was 34C it was definitely refreshing.
I forgot, yesterday we also before we came to the RV park drove north about 25 min to my favourite winery See Ya Later Ranch where Anne ran into some people she knew from U of C. Small world.
We also rode our bikes into the SE end of town looking for a grocery store Anne thought she saw when we came to town. We found it and it it turned out to be only about a 15 min ride from our campsite. That was good so we put our MEC saddlebags on the bikes this morning and rode to Family Foods and got enough groceries stuffed into them for a few days.
Last night about dinner time the wind really came up and I had to put the awning up. This evening again the wind had come up so I am wondering how much fun I will have with our little BBQ tonight.
Cash has been in the late the last two nights and again will go for a swim at the dog beach after dinner.
He truly must have a lot of Lab in him as he loves the water even in the waves.
Well tonight I will set the alarm clock for 6a.m. and disconnect the EWS so we can get an early start in the morning. We have reservations at the Burnaby Cariboo RV park in Vancouver and we expect to see Kim tomorrow night so a big drive tomorrow.
Until later. Ciao for now

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