Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hippyhome adventures 2013

Well here we are on the road again. This time we decided to head west and to Vancouver Island.
Took a few days to get loaded up as I think once again the only thing we did not take was the kitchen sink. I said to Anne once we were loaded up, can you imagine us putting all this in a custom camper van like a Pleasureway or Roadtrek instead of our 25 foot Class C? Not likely.
Headed out on Thursday July 4th for Kikomun Provincial Park which is just about 20 min past Fernie B.C.
Must say on the way down we passed High River and even from the highway you could see how much damage has been done to that town. We saw many car carriers and tow trucks heading to Calgary with cars that had been damage in the floods.
Ok back to Kikomun Park. Really a nice park and very well maintained. We had a really nice site and
although it was unserviced we did really well as we are self contained anyway, just can not use the microwave .
We were in the Surveyors Campground which backs onto Surveyors Lake which has a large population of Painted Turtles, small mouth bass and rainbow trout. There is a nice beach area and you can rent paddle boats, or kyaks. We did neither choosing to hike around the lake with Cash and the second day ride our bikes down to Lake Kukanusu which is something like the Ghost Lake outside Calgary, it is a river that was damned back in the 70`s.
We were having a great dinner outside last night, steak, wine and beer, salad etc when a major wind came up. Suddenly we had pine needles, branches etc raining down on us. We thought we would wait it out but it only got stronger. Hand over my wine glass first as I did not feel like picking pine needles out. Had to check my salad thoroughly so I did not choke on one in there either. Finally had to pick up and go inside which I must say is nice to have that option.
Picked up and left there this morning heading for Creston which is where we are now. It was a short drive today so we did the cultural thing. We first went and checked out the Skimmerhorn Winery and did some wine tasting and then we headed to a Husky Station to top up our fuel. Not often do you get full service at a major gas station but we did here. Next on the list we visited the Creston museum which was somewhat interesting.
Then finally we settled in Pair -A -Dice, a small family run RV park in the city. Tomorrow we will head to Crawford Bay. Have not been there since the mid 80`s. Should be nice as we will be in a campground beside the A frames we stayed in back in 86. I will update in a few days.

Ciao for now

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