Sunday, 14 July 2013

Made it to Vancouver from Osoyoos in 6.5 hrs which was pretty good for us and considering the rolly polly nature of the #3 West . Quite scenic but like a roller coaster. We got into Burnaby-Cariboo RV park about 2pm. Kim arrived by Skytrain within in the hour and then Rody arrived about 5 after he got off work. We all went out(except Cash) for Thai food so it was a good visit. Kim came over again Saturday morning and spent the day with us before heading out on a 4 hr canoe trip . The rv park itself is quite well kept but spaces even though you have privacy with giant hedges, are close. The people that pulled in behind us were travelling from the Netherlands so we had them over for a glass of wine last night. That to me is one of the benefits of rving.
We headed out this morning around 9:30am. to Twassen to catch the 1pm ferry. Actually stopped in Twassen first and hit a Safeway for groceries. When we go to the ferry they asked us if we wanted to take the 12 noon one so we did.
Stopped at a White Spot along the way for dinner then headed north of Victoria to the KOA where we are presently. We met up with out son in law Mike`s mom Sherry and her niece Kim and had a visit with them. We are deep in the trees here and will be here for two nights. I met the owner John who said he has had this campground for 35 yrs. He  said he laughs out loud now when people say this is what they would like to do in retirement, run a campground. He now tells them if you are thinking of retirement this is not the way to do it. We know from watching the couple in Sault St Marie KOA who were running from 7am. to 9pm that it is a crazy lifestyle. Crazy ass road coming into this KOA not to speak of dangerous. Also one lane coming in so if you meet anyone someone better have good backing skills.
From here we will head to Miracle Beach Provincial Park up near Courtney.
Ciao for now

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